Sai Sishya International School (SSIS) is established as a private school situated in edogawa ku. We are an IB PYP Candidate school. The mission of SSIS is to educate students based on principle of strong teacher-student bonding. Our namesake, Sai, was a great teacher who lived in India in late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. His teachings were based on a moral code of love, devotion, contentment. Sishya, in Sanskit, means ardent disciple.

In Japanese, combination of Sai (最- superlative or the best), Shi(師 – expert, teacher), shi (資- resources), ya (屋 – roof) stands for “The best teachers and resources under one roof.”

This is the idea that defines a high quality school. Our vision is to integrate modern scientific methods with ancient philosophy taught by highly qualified teachers at affordable price for students of this generation to become life-long learners.

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