Tuition & Fees

Payment Method

Payment is to be made in Japanese Yen only and can be paid by bank transfer or by cash for the first payment. The bank receipt will be your official receipt unless otherwise requested. The payer is responsible for any bank processing charges incurred. This amount is to be paid in addition to the amount of the Application fee (applicant) and Tuition & Fees (student).Subsequent fee payment happens through Auto Debit facility only. Please make sure to sign up the Auto debit form.

Tuition and all school fees must be paid in advance.

For students enrolled after the school year begins, tuition is calculated based upon the month they are enrolling. Attendance for any portion of a month necessitates payment for the entire month.

Special programs like summer school is not included in the regular term fee payment.

For fee structure Term wise or 9 part payments, download the file

fee installements

Non Refundable Fee

This Fee is charged only for regular school students applying for regular kindergarten and or Primary School.

Other fees – excluding tax
Registration Fee 20,000 JPY *one time only
Campus Development Fee 50,000 JPY *Yearly
Insurance Fee 10,000 JPY *Yearly

Kindergarten School bag fee 5000 JPY* one time

Swimming suit fee (Girls :-  4428 JPY* Boys :-2484 JPY*)


Transport fee excluding tax
Location-wise Monthly Fee Term Fee
Nishikasai, Kasai, Seishincho 10,000 JPY 35,000 JPY
Kita Kasai, Funabori, Komatsugawa, Mizue, Shinozaki 12,500 JPY 43,750 JPY
Ojima,Kameido,Minamisunamachi 15,000 JPY 52,500 JPY
  • Monthly fee is only for reference

Regular Kindergarten 09:00 A.M -13:20 A.M

Families registering for this program on or before Dec 31 2019 , will get a discount as mentioned below

for the entire 3 year kindergarten program at this discounted fee structure.

Special Offer – Discounted Fee Structure – Including tax
Term wise Schedule  Tuition Fee    Technology Fee   Material Fee
Term 1 – Pay by July 1st week 196,560 JPY 7,560 JPY 7,560 JPY
Term 2 – Pay by November 1st week 196,560 JPY 7,560 JPY 7,560 JPY
Term 3 – Pay by March 1st week 196,560 JPY 7,560 JPY 7,560 JPY

Primary School - Fee details

For Primary School Grade 1,2, 3 , 4 and 5 download the application form here Primary School application form

Special Discounted Fee Structure -* including tax
Payment Schedule  Tuition Fee  Technology  Fee   Material Fee 
Term 1 fee – Aug-Nov (1st week of Jul) 224,640 JPY 8,640 JPY 8,640 JPY
Term 2 fee – Dec-Mar (1st week of Nov) 224,640 JPY 8,640 JPY 8,640 JPY
Term 3 fee – Apr-Jul (1st week of Mar) 224,640 JPY 8,640 JPY 8,640 JPY

Summer School Fee details