“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Welcome to to Sai Sishiya International School (SSIS). Evidence Based Practice, or making curriculum and strategy decisions based on research and best practice, is how SSIS has developed it curricular choices and academic programs. Both the kindergarten and primary programs use thematic based programs with attention to the inquiry process. Additionally academics from kindergarten to primary are aligned properly to ensure a seemless transition for students to grade one expectations.
Since the academic content will be delivered in English, SSIS believes that a strong core English program is essential to help students acquire lifelong learning skills using academic English. The kindergarten and primary school curricula follow the US Common Core basic standards and also offer additional materials beyond the standards in both English and Math.


We are an IB PYP Candidate School. The Kindergarten program consists of play-based learning, socialization and emphasis on literacy and mathematics. The English literacy program includes speaking, reading, phonics, writing and thematic units. Students have the opportunity for outdoor specials like Swimming, Hip hop and Physical fitness and park play. The program also incorporates online learning support to be worked on at school as well as home to allow for self-paced learning. We receive students from 09:00 A.M and lesson starts at 9:30 a.m. The students are released at 13:20 p.m and prepare for returning home.

For Kindergarten, download the application form here Kindergarten application form

Primary School Grades 1-5

We are accepting registration for Grade 1, 2 and Grade 3 for the year 2017-2018. For the year 2018 – 2019, Grades 1 -5 registrations will be accepted.
For Primary School Grade 1, 2 and 3, download the application form here Primary School application form

SOAR – Student Opportunity for Academic Results

SOAR is a special program for students transitioning from K-5 to Grade 1 from April – July. SOAR can help students strengthen their literacy and numeracy skills and ensure academic continuity. It also gives kindergarten age students the opportunity to adjust to their new surroundings and begin making new friends.

English Language Arts (ELA)

The K-5 ELA program is anchored by the Common Core based reading series. This series has a proven track record based on research. The program incorporates literacy with vocabulary building, comprehension strategies, and grammar. It also creates a firm link between various texts and academic writing skills. The series has been designed to meet different students’ needs from skilled readers to English language learners.
In addition to the comprehension program, SSIS also has a structured spelling, phonics (K-2), grammar, handwriting and academic writing program to fully develop students’ English skills. Students will receive more than 10 hours per week of ELA instruction and reading time to give them the strongest base possible in English skills.

The Common Core based K-5 mathematics program is a conceptual series designed to help students visualize and have hands on experience while exploring mathematical concepts. SSIS believes that all students can be successful in math and students will have math lessons daily.

Science and Social Studies
These subjects are addressed through the ELA and mathematics programs as well as through research modules throughout the academic year.


“Social and emotional skills are crucial aspects of interpersonal development. SSIS uses curriculum and techniques which aims to harness individual characteristics while reinforcing positive actions that can improve confidence, leadership, team involvement and self-reflection. SSIS has carefully chosen curriculum that has developed and embedded activities throughout its programs that prompt learners to interact, think and reflect with an objective of providing a well-rounded child that is fully prepared for life ahead.”

Motor Skills

Motor skills are broken into two categories, fine and gross. Fine Motor Skills include cutting, finger painting, and hand control. Gross Motor Skills range from balancing to team play. SSIS believes that play-based activities are often the most exciting method in achieving a learning objective, and is therefore among the most effective. We have incorporated play-based learning into all of our programs.

Language Arts

SSIS focuses on core content learning area, areas of linguistic development, comprehension skills and language, including second and multiple languages


Numeracy incorporates sequential patterning, geometry, basic algebra and problem solving.


SSIS has carefully chosen programs that are packed with deeply enriching science experiments, field trips and inquiry-based activities.

Creative Arts

What is perceived as fun can be serious learning for children. We promote this through many avenues of art, from your fine arts (painting, coloring, molding) to music and role-playing. Creative Arts is the greatest area for children to start developing their imagination.