Sai Sishya International School

A Partnership in Discovery


Approximately 90% of students are Indian nationals. The remaining students represent the following countries – Japan, Vietnam, The Philippines, Uzbekistan, and Sri Lanka. Currently, there are 15 different languages represented in our student population.

SSIS teachers and staff also represent a variety of nationalities – Japanese, Indian, American, French, and South African.

We Provide Educational Solutions

Creative Arts

What is perceived as fun can be serious learning for children. We promote this through many avenues of art, from your fine arts (painting, coloring, molding) to music and role-playing.


SSIS has carefully chosen programs that are packed with deeply enriching science experiments, field trips and inquiry-based activities.

Language Arts

SSIS focuses on core content learning area, areas of linguistic development, comprehension skills and language, including second and multiple languages

What The Parents Say

As parents we were inducted by the Head of school and it is a big transition from the rote learning to inquiry way of learning. We loved to listed about unit of inquiry and subjects are connected and teachers collaborate.



We absolutely love the the Kindergarten, it gives us everything we need. A safe and secured place for our children to learn in a fun and inquisitive way!!!



Upcoming Events

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

All students accepted to SSIS are expected to function in the regular classroom.
It is important to note that the ongoing enrollment at SSIS for students with special needs, will be based upon the students’ ability to function within the regular program and special services the school currently offers at each grade level.