Sai Sishya International School


Hema Prakash

My Role in PTSA: PTA Chairman, Homeroom Parent for G1

Shweta Sharma

My Role in PTSA: Vice Chairman and Homeroom Parent for G1

I am an active member of PTSA. I was actively involved in organizing the Talent Show. I am also a part of the Parent Verification Group for the PYP Authorization Visit.

Kavitha Sankaresh

My Role in PTSA: PTSA Treasurer

My Responsibility : I am serving as a treasurer at Saishisya International School as well as Homeroom for Grade 1.

Premalatha Sellam

Acting Vice Treasurer and G5 Homeroom Parent

Harish Raman

My Role in PTSA: Secretary of PTSA

My Responsibility;- I am the father of Samyuktha studying in K4. It has been a pleasure to be associated with the PTSA activities of the school is the responsibility of the Secretary.

Sandhya Shrikanth

Role: K4 class parent coordinator

SSIS’s PTSA was structured and organized through a meeting conducted in the month of September 2019. The roles and responsibilities were discussed and taken up respectively by each of its members.

In the month of November 2019, the PTSA and the school came together to organize Talent Search Event for the students. The organization of the event required brainstorming of the Venue, a list of events, and on how to score and judge each and every activity. I was involved in each of these meetings and helped by giving my suggestions and option. Later I was part of the scheduling team of the event and also helped to compere the event.

PTSA also had plans of coming together in the future for organizing Sports Day and Annual Day. We had plans of documenting our roles and responsibilities, because of these unprecedented circumstances we have stalled our work temporarily.

Sruthi Sabari Karthik

My Role in PTSA: Homeroom Parent for K3

As a “Homeroom parent ” has the responsibility of helping to organize school events and be the main source of communication between parents and teachers.

Rajesh Awake

My Role in PTSA: Homeroom Parent for K5

My Responsibility: Participated in Annual sports event as a judge for various events, Overall management support, in Annual Talent hunt as a planning committee member, as a judge for Singing, Food management committee.

Sivaprakash Paneerselvam

My Role in PTSA: Homeroom Parent for K4

My Responsibility: Member of PTSA. Part of the event management team conducting PTSA school events.

Suklaja Vignesh

My Role in PTSA: Homeroom Parent for K5

My Responsibility: My responsibility as a Homeroom Parent is generally to keep in contact with other parents and a parent-teacher organization to make sure parents know what is happening in the school, to relay parental concerns and suggestions to teachers and administrators, and to help teachers with special projects.

Prachi Karthik Naig

My Role in PTSA: Homeroom Parent for G2

My Responsibility: I have been an active member of the PTSA committee from the year 2019 and she has contributed towards organizing the events and field trip. I co-hosted the School’s talent event along with other PTSA members and also took part in judging a music competition. I have accompanied SSIS teachers and students during their field trip to the TOBU transport museum and helped students in showing around and explaining the various transport systems at the museum.


Parent of K3 Kid

Participated as a judge in Talent age for assessing musical talents within SSIS.

Nideesh Balakrishnan

My Role in PTSA: Homeroom Parent for K3